Avoid Crypto Scams

Don’t Trust Anyone

It’s always a good idea to consider what blockchain projects the company you’re investigating has worked on before and see how many other successful projects they’ve had. If you trust the founder of the company, you might also consider working with that founder because he or she might have a higher level of experience or technical skill than others you can ask for advice.

On the other hand, if you feel you can’t trust a company, question them. Ask specific questions to learn more about the blockchain project they’re working on, whether it’s cryptocurrency or another type of blockchain-powered technology. Ask what percentage of their work is in the crypto sector, or whether they’ve worked in other companies that have worked in the crypto sector before.

Is There a Company I Can Trust?

For the sake of your own financial safety, be sure to seek out companies that have an established business history. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies or token sales, be sure to visit websites that clearly disclose all of the fees involved in the sale process. There are more and more token sales coming out of the woodwork and with a little research, you’ll be able to evaluate their legitimacy and possibly avoid future scams.

Where Does Money Go?

Beyond the upfront asking prices and promotional materials, be sure to review the terms of services and terms of use to understand what exactly you’re paying for. These agreements should also give you a sense of how long the team has been around and what kind of investors they will be marketing to.

How To Avoid Crypto Scams

If you’re looking into digital cryptocurrency startups, always look for the following:

Learn about the team. The people you’re buying into the company with should have a long track record of success in the industry.

The people you’re buying into the company with should have a long track record of success in the industry. Take your time to make the best decision. Buyers should be mindful of price volatility and should always calculate the cost of ownership over the long term.

Buyers should be mindful of price volatility and should always calculate the cost of ownership over the long term. Look at a company’s governance.

Ponzi Schemes

Cryptocurrency schemes may also draw in your savings with promises of triple-digit profits after just a few trades. Remember, any cryptocurrency can be traded in or out at any time. If you keep your eye on that value, your returns will be minimal compared to the investment you’ve made.

Always do your research before jumping into any investment.


In addition to tracking the general cryptocurrency market, you may want to search for compliance with regulations and regulatory bodies in your country. Are there laws governing financial services? You may be required to report losses or provide accounts if you report a loss.

Not only that, but countries like China have found ways to ban cryptocurrency entirely.

MLM Schemes

If you’ve ever gotten into a company through a friend or a trusted source, you know how hard it is to know how much you’re getting. While most companies are legitimate, others may be nothing more than an insidious pyramid scheme or a pyramid scheme disguised as a legitimate company. Pay attention to the company’s long-term goals and listen to the warnings that friends and family members may tell you about the company.

Always Follow the Money

Before making a purchase, make sure you can see a payment source for the business or the product you want to buy. Always know where the money is going and why.

Pump and Dump Groups

An organized group of investors can drive up prices for virtual currencies to make big profits. They’ll do so by purchasing the coins that they believe in, forcing prices higher. These pump and dump scams have occurred in real cryptocurrencies in the past, and they’re still occurring today. Avoid jumping into the market if you hear of such groups, as they’re not interested in keeping the money they make.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cryptocurrency Expert

To avoid scams, it’s always a good idea to do your research. You can use the help of professional advisors when looking for a new cryptocurrency provider. These consultants can find you a trustworthy company, as well as more about cryptocurrency in general.


Cryptocurrency is still a market ripe for investment, but watch out for false advertising, scams, and scams disguised as good ideas. Cryptocurrencies can be great for people who don’t want to have paper trails around their money. Some of them can also be helpful for companies that want to save money by not having to comply with a lot of government regulations. It’s best to know what you’re investing in before you jump in.